School Calendar  School Year2022 / 23



9        Monday              First day back for returning children only

11        Wednesday       First day of School (new children Casa) 

12       Thursday           Parent Workshop (Young Children’s Community) "Toilet Independence in the YCC," 8-9pm (Zoom)

25       Wednesday      "The Mathematical Mind: How It All Adds Up"  (YCC, Casa, Elementary), 4-5pm  POSTPONED to FEB. 1st.


 1.         Wednesday.    Parent Workshop "The Mathematical Mind: How It All Adds Up"  (YCC, Casa, Elementary), 4-5pm  

3          Friday              Re-Enrolment Deadline

9           Thursday        Parent Workshop (Young Children’s Community) "Language Development" -(Time TBD)

16          Thursday       AMI Canada Presents: "The Magic of the Three Year Cycle" with Sandra Girlato (7 to 8pm, zoom)

17          Friday              PD DayStaff PD Day  & Family Fun Day School Closed

20        Monday           Family Day- School Closed


9.         Thursday.        Parent Workshop (Young Children’s Community) "Freedom and Limits for Under Threes." 8-9pm (Zoom)

10        Friday                Last Day before March Break (regular dismissal)

MARCH BREAK      March 13th- 24th (Inclusive) - School Closed

27        Monday            First Day back after March Break

30        Thursday         Parent Workshop (Elementary) Topic Pending, 4-5pm


 7          April                Easter  - School Closed

10        Monday          Easter Monday - School Closed

12.        Wednesday.       AMI Canada Parent Workshop “Sibling Dynamics”, 7-8pm (Zoom)

20.      Thursday.         Parent Workshop (Casa), "Education of the Senses"  (4 to 5pm in person)


11         Thursday          Parent Talk: "Present Parenting"  (Presented by Principal Alanah Dickson) (Details TBD)

19        Friday                Parent/Teacher Meetings - School Closed

22        Monday           Victoria Day - School Closed

25.     Thursday.        AMI Canada Presents: "The Art of Language" with Nichole Holtvluwer (7 to 8pm, zoom)


1.           Thursday       Parent Workshop (Young Children’s Community), 8-9pm (Zoom)

 13        Tuesday          Elementary Play Performance  (6:00pm)

15        Thursday        Graduation Dinner (6:00pm)

16        Friday              Last Day of School & End of Year Picnic - School Closed at Noon 



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